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ed previously, you of course could consider equity investments into your firm via VC's or angel investors but the reality is these are demanding sources of capital and selling ownership at a point when you are starting to grow is in fact, quite simply, not optimal !

Let's then examine sYour ability to generate financing is of course what is going to make or break your growth aspirations. While there is probably no one perfect solution for all your financing needs the reality of the matter is that you can actually often ' cobble together ' finance sources that make sense when it comes to funding your firm.

As we hintome sources of capital that are both traditional and a bit alternative. We say a bit alternative simply because many of those sources are becoming the new traditional. Talk about a paradigm shift.

Lease financing is a great exam財務公司ple of traditional financing that works. You can use the cash to fund working capital for receivables and inventory growth. In Canada lease finance is available for firms of all credit q of funding and loans for cash flow, fixed asset acquisition, real estate, etc, Just make sure that you're inL loans they in fact uality and asset finance requirements. While it quite often might be a bit more expensive than bank financing is simply less painf居屋按揭ul to acquire.

No one is a bigger fan of Canadian chartered banks than us. To companies that are well qualified they are a veritable ' buffet 'are underwritten by the government. These loans make bank financing seem quite a bit ' looser'... and thats a good thing .Becaus a position to qualify for bank financing or you might waste a lot of precious time . And remember also that the bank looks to alternative collateral, strong cash flows and balance sheets, etc.

Although the Canadian banks administer Govt SBe the government guarantees a major